Are you looking for things to do in Cyprus?

We offer you amazing and unforgettable paddle tours in Cyprus. The most favorite adventure is the SUP tour to the sea caves. You will get a lot of emotions.

This tour we spend along the Mediterranean coast of Ayia Napa.

We have a schedule in the morning or at sunset. But we always depend on the weather forecast of the sea, so tours must be agreed in advance.

Our starting point is special because we start from a beautiful and wild beach.
There, a narrow stone corridor is something amazing and created by nature. The stone walls are like a delicate work of a jeweler.

A bit about the sup sea caves tour

You arrive at the location point (we will send the location after booking confirmation).
If you do not drive a car and are in Protaras (or Ayia Napa) we pick up you.

At the point of our tour you get ready paddle board, water. The instructor guides you through
safety instructions and a basic lesson on how to paddle.

If you have never done SUP, then don’t worry, it’s easy and anyone can handle it.

Then we start from the wild Cypriot beach and pass along the sea corridor.

We do paddle 2.5 km one way and back 2.5 km too.
Altogether 5 km tour lasting 1.5-2 hours.
Of course, experts will say why so much time? After all, it is possible to overcome 5 km faster.

Yes, you are right. It can be done faster. But we are not in a hurry: we make a halt, swim near the sea caves and snorkel.

Sea Cave “Kraken”

So, first we go to a large sea cave called “Kraken”. Everyone can see this sea cave because it is noticeable and large. Yachts and boats often go there. But not inside.

See below some photos of this large sea cave.

Love bridge in Ayia Napa

Further we pass under the legendary bridge of love. Incredible creations of nature.

Mother nature was really in a romantic mood when it shaped this amazing sculpture.
There, the Bridge of Love or they say the bridge of lovers is a natural stone passage connecting an imposing boulder with a rocky shore.

Standing over serene azure waves, and against majestic sunsets for centuries, the Love Bridge is popular among photo buffs and honeymooners. Some couples have even used the place as their wedding venue.

The legend has it that kissing a loved one while standing in the middle of the bridge arch, any wish you may make will surely come true. But whoever passes under the bridge of love will have love or flare up you love with renewed vigor.

Believe it or not, but you can go under the bridge on the SUP and it will not be superfluous!

And we make photos/videos for you as a keepsake when you paddle under a stone Love ♥️ Bridge.

It looks amazing and you are charged with this spirit of powerful love.

See the photo below how wonderful it is

Secret sea caves of the Pirates

We know the pirates’ secret sea caves that no one knows about except us. You will never find these sea caves on your own.

We will show and you will get inside these caves and feel the power that lurks there.

According to a local legend, the caves have been the treasure vault of pirates, who used the cavernous tunnels and natural bridges connecting most of them to store their nefarious wealth. Marine life is very rich in these waters, so fishing and scuba diving are also very popular.

Look how cool it is inside the sea cave

For more adventurous souls, snorkelling and swimming in the radiant waters are allowed.

Main details of sup sea caves tour

So, you will visit such grottoes, which can only be reached by SUPs.
Pass under the bridge of love and get the powerful energy of those mysterious places.
Inside the sea caves is an incredible feeling, and for children it is a great adventure to see the petrified mouth of a dinosaur.
This is already our fantasy, because there is a stone inside the sea cave that resembles the mouth of an animal.
Let your imagination run wild and it will be amazing

Dates and times must be agreed in advance depending on the weather forecast (sea calm or not), it should be favorable, and you returned home safe and sound with a baggage of fantastic emotions.

The duration of the tour is 1.5-2 hours (no one rushes you anywhere)
By the way, many people like to swim in the azure water near the sea caves.

Photo/video required. this is wow for vivid memories
These places and you cannot NOT be captured in them (be sure to get all materials)

The instructor is the most important person for you on a paddle tour. His sea experience is over 15 years. Among colleagues he is called the “Premier”

First time on SUP? – you will be taught in 5 minutes. The instructions will definitely follow.

The minimum group is 2 people. Maximum 8 people.
More is possible, but better not needed: there will be little space in the sea caves, you will crowd, you will spoil the frame and other unpleasant nuances that can ruin your leisure time.

Don’t hesitate book now and we will agree on the best date and time for your adventure.

Try a new SUP adventure in the amazing sea world!